Cannabis Pain Cream

Cannabis Pain Cream is a formulation of topical medicine that treats the source of the pain rather than masking it. Cannabis is an anti-inflammatory agent. Rub our pain cream on the places that hurt.

Cannabis Pain Cream is used as a local treatment for specific joints, muscles, ligaments or regions of pain on the body. The cream penetrates the skin and reduces inflammation in the region. The number of patients using medical marijuana increases every year.  Medical marijuana is a safe, nonaddictive alternative to dangerous medication that will mask your pain but not eliminate it. If you are suffering from arthritis, back pain, migraines, fibromyalgia, menstrual cramps, IBS, Crohn’s disease, anxiety, depression, or pain from cancer or its treatment, cannabis may be a solution for you. Pain that can not easily be treated with pain cream can be treated with cannabis caps or tabs.

Cannabis Pain Cream is made with non-activated extract of cannabis flower and is not psycho-active. However, the unactivated cannabinoids in the cream act as an anti-inflammatory agent on areas of inflammation, reducing the pain you feel.

Rub Golden State Cannabis Pain Cream on the joints or muscles that give you pain … and feel relief. Our pain cream has highly concentrated cannabis oil emulsified in oils and waxes that allow an extended release of pain-reducing cannabinoids through the skin.
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