Gorilla Glue (GG4)

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SUPER STICKY GORILLA GLUE (GG4): A brilliant sativa hybrid this Gorilla Glue GG4 provides a thoughtful and engaging high and deep sense of bodily relaxation. Gorilla Glue #4 (or GG4) won best hybrid strain in the Michigan and Los Angeles Cannabis Cup 2014, and the High Times Jamaica Cup. The new improved name for any Gorilla Glue is now “the original Glue GG4” after a lawsuit settlement with Gorilla Glue the glue. GG4 does not disappoint. The resinous trichomes on GG4 glisten. The buds are so sticky that they literally stick to anything they touch.Freshly cut buds are so sticky they hang together and resist falling alone if in a bowl and turned over. They become a loosely attached pancake of bud when they do fall. If you trim the flower your fingers will become more “gluey” than usual, lending support for the developing legend of this strain. You may experience couch lock down after smoking GG4, but the couch never seemed like such a perfect place.

The gorilla glue strains, including GG4, were developed by Joesy Whales and Lone Watty http://www.ggstrains.com/.

Check out GG4 in relation to all the other strains in a mind blowing galactic stellar presentation at https://phylos.bio/galaxy.

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