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Vape Pen Cartridge Deal: vaping is fact-acting, producing strong results. The cartridges contain CO2 extracted cannabinoids and terpenes in an “oil” without added solvents or chemicals. You get the pure extracted essence of the plant. Vaping is an alternative to smoking as it does not involve combustion or smoke. Odorless vapor is produced on an exhale. Vaping is a discrete way to bring THC and other plant cannabinoids into your system without the “smell tell” of pot consumption.

You would need the pen (battery), a USB charger, and your choice of 500 mg vape cartridge to get started. The cartridge and battery are sleek and discrete, no bigger than a fat writing pen. A small white light at the end of the pen lights up when you pull on the mouth piece. The pen can be stored discretely in a purse or pocket.

The cartridges have been packaged with a Quick Response code (QR) that you can scan with the camera on your mobile smart phone for a link to CWAnalytical for a multi-page testing report of oil, including % THC and %CBD. Average %THC is between 60 and 80 percent. There are at least 50 “pulls” to a cartridge (variable depending on pull strength) making each dose about 8 mg of THC (estimated for a 500 mg cartridge having 75% THC with about 50 pulls).

Your micro-dosing experience with cannabinoids begins with your vape pen. Enable small dosing at sustainable intervals to provide relaxation and mind expansion while doing your taxes and paying the bills, cleaning house, walking the dog, enjoying a concert or a sporting event, or just winding down from a long busy day with friends.

More about CO2 extraction:

Carbon dioxide within our natural atmospheric temperature and pressure rests in a gaseous state. CO2 must be frozen and compressed into a liquid and then further until it reaches its supercritical point. Under controlled circumstances, supercritical CO2 can be used to dissolve substances into “fractions” that can be removed. The cannabis oil in our vape cartridges are made over a 12 hour process. Each batch is tested for terpene, cannabinoid, and impurities. See the QR code on the box for testing results.

There are several reasons why CO2 is particularly useful with cannabis extractions:

  • CO2 is a naturally occurring compound. It exists all around us and our bodies produce it.
  • As far as non-polar solvents are concerned, CO2 is among the safest. In fact, the FDA has labelled CO2 safe for industrial extractions, making it a much less controversial solvent than petroleum based hydrocarbons such as butane or propane.
  • The conditions that allow CO2 to change from a fluid state to a supercritical state can occur without having to exceed temperatures above 90°F, meaning there is less risk of compromising the natural volatile compounds found in cannabis.
  • CO2 is also unique in that its solubility will change with pressure, allowing for fractioning of the many different types of biomolecules available in cannabis strains. CO2 extraction can be used to pull various cannabinoids from the plant such as THCACBDCBGTHCV as well as terpenes and other compounds.

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